The Productive Teacher Book Launch Team



Welcome to The Productive Teacher Book Launch Team and thank you for being a part of it.

The Plan

By now, you should have received a link to download the book by email. If you have not received your link please contact Martine.

  1. Please read the book between now and Sunday 2 December 2018, 5pm GMT (if this deadline is difficult for you please let Martine know as soon as possible). While reading the book you are encouraged to make feedback notes. If your feedback relates to a specific section of the book, please note the chapter name and paragraph.

  2. After you have read the book, within one week, please complete the questionnaire below. This means the final deadline is Sunday 9 December 2018, 5pm GMT.

Feel free to complete the steps above before the deadlines.

The Questionnaire

You can access the questionnaire using this link or by clicking the button below. Please note, it is a Google Form so will work best in Google Chrome.

The questionnaire asks for the following information:

  • Your name

  • Your feedback on the book

  • Your book review (this will be the one you post on Amazon when the book is available for sale)

Book Review Information

Because the book is not available for sale yet, there is nowhere for you to post your review (this is why you are asked to include it in the questionnaire).

As soon as the book is available for sale on Amazon, Martine will email you a copy of the review you wrote (so there is no need for you to keep a copy) and ask you to post it on Amazon with a given timeframe.


If you have any queries regarding the process outlined above please email Martine directly Martine will continue to communicate with you via email throughout this entire process.