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The Productive Teacher

Ten Proven Productivity Strategies for the Busy Teacher or Trainer


About the Book

On the face of it, the working day of a teacher or trainer is magnificent, particularly if you are fond of routine. You have set hours where you are in the classroom or training room, facilitating learning, in line with a beautifully organised scheme of work.

When you aren’t in the classroom, you get to do all of your administrative duties such as marking, planning and research. These parts of a teacher or trainer’s job are clearly defined. Managing your workload and being productive should be easy…

But it isn’t.

There simply isn’t enough time to complete tasks outside the classroom. You try to snatch time between sessions but it’s not enough. Timetables never seem to allow for a stretch of a few uninterrupted hours. How is anyone supposed to do focused work by grabbing 15 minutes here and there?

This unusual work day structure is one of the reasons teachers spend so much time working at home and during their holidays (which is not OK, by the way). It’s also why most fail miserably at achieving work/life balance...

That’s where this (deliberately short) book comes in. This book will help you:

  • Stop multitasking

  • Plan your day

  • Achieve Inbox Zero

  • Manage your digital clutter

  • Use shortcuts

  • Manage your mobile

  • Minimise meetings

  • Be a smart session planner

  • Mark like a master

  • Take better care of yourself

This book is written with teachers and trainers in the post-16, non-compulsory and corporate training sectors in mind. However, the strategies shared can apply to anyone in a teaching role. Just bear in mind that some of the terminology used might be slightly different in, for example, a primary school setting.



“If you are a teacher or trainer of any kind, you need to read this book! After months of feeling pretty stressed out with my workload and getting more and more bogged down, this book fell into my lap and immediately changed my way of working. From getting myself a pair of massive headphones, to archiving my emails, to thinking more clearly about how I plan my day - this easy to read, purposefully short book gives clear and defined ways of sorting out your work life. The best part is, you can dip back into it when you feel the stress creeping back in: the chapters are easy to negotiate and written in a way that doesn't ever feel preachy, but relatable and real. Martine knows what she is talking about and within the space of a week, my work life had changed for the better, the results of which were far reaching in my mental health, home life and general well being.”

- Kate Kellaway

“This is a well-explained and helpful guide to giving teachers more of their time back! With a lively, engaging tone, The Productive Teacher provides strategies and tips which enable more efficient use of working time AND can also help classroom delivery. I've already implemented a few of these techniques in my administration habits and one, the use of a timer to section Focus and Relax times, in the classroom. They have all proven a hit! Whether you're struggling or feel you're doing just fine, The Productive Teacher will help you be at the top of your game whilst avoiding the burnout that usually follows.”

- Jennifer Long



About the Author


Martine Ellis is the host and producer of the popular education podcast, The Teaching Space. Through the podcast, she helps teachers and trainers love their jobs and be amazing teachers WITHOUT taking work home in the evening.

Martine is also a Google Certified Trainer, Lecturer in Education and Training at the Guernsey College of Further Education (specialising in helping industry professionals get into teaching), speaker and consultant.  

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