About things on this website…

Thanks for visiting. This website is a resource guide for educational and informational purposes. (And sometimes venting about inappropriate topics such as my Incredible Hulk-style reaction to people who eat with their mouths open. You know; the usual.)

To write my articles and create my podcasts, I use my experiences, the experiences of others and various other resources including but not limited to the wild wild web.

That said, my advice doesn’t come with any guarantees. By visiting this site, you’re essentially signing a contract that says you understand that I make no guarantees, and you won’t try to sue me or anything nasty like that. Because that would be, well, awkward.

A note about affiliate links…

Guess what? If you click on a link that I’ve provided, it might be a link to someone who will give me a commission if you buy something from their site. That means I might get paid if you click on that link. And the reason why I’m telling you this is because I want to be upfront with you, and because it’s illegal not to. 

That said, I promise to use any affiliate commissions earned for good causes: Things like reinvesting in this business to bring you even better resources, and quite possibly the occasional chew toy for my dog.

Updates and all that jazz

This site disclaimer was last updated on 30 July 2019.

Should I update, amend or make any changes to this document, those changes will be prominently posted here.