How to Make Time to Read More

How to Make Time to Read More

Episode 47 of The Teaching Space Podcast explores some tips on how to make time to read more.


Last year I managed to read over 100 books. That’s a crazy number, right?

This list comprised fiction (some complete trash) and non-fiction. I tend to read fiction for relaxation and non-fiction for personal and professional development. Reading is, to me, both relaxation and learning.

I happened to mention how many books I read last year to a few colleagues (in a completely non-bragging way, I promise) and many were a little stunned. Quite a few didn’t believe me! Many confessed they wanted to read more but just didn’t have the time. In response, I set up a book club for my colleagues.

This podcast episode will hopefully help too.

Here are my 14 tips to help you make time to read more.

  1. Consume audiobooks - it’s not cheating!

  2. Understand that it’s OK to leave a book unfinished.

  3. Remember - there is no test at the end.

  4. Start or join a book club.

  5. Find a reading buddy.

  6. Wake up early to read.

  7. Go to bed early to read.

  8. Keep a book in your bag.

  9. Have two books on the go at the same time.

  10. Make the most of your commute.

  11. Try short stories/books.

  12. Set reading goals and track your progress using an app like Streaks.

  13. Set a daily reading reminder on your smartphone.

  14. Read what you want, not what you should.

This episode was inspired by one of my favourite podcasts: seanwes.

Wrap Up

I hope you enjoyed this episode. Please check out my new book, The Productive Teacher at

How to Make Time to Read More