My Story: How I Got Into Teaching

My Story: How I Got Into Teaching

I thought it would be fun to share a little bit of my "how I got into teaching" story.

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My Story

Despite being pretty darn average at school, as soon as I entered the world of full-time work (aged 18) I morphed into this almost unrecognisable over-achiever.

One of my first jobs was selling motor finance, and I progressed through the company ranks quickly. Being a young woman in a male-dominated environment worked for me. I developed a range of transferable skills that still serve me well today.

The "Exciting" World of Finance

I moved out of lending, spent some time in HR and training, then ended up back in finance, this time, working for a trust company.

While the trust and company administration business didn’t exactly set my heart racing; the company was fantastic. They recognised my talents and fast-tracked me to management level.


Pretty soon I was on the board of directors of a subsidiary company whose clients were in lovely places like Spain and Portugal.

For a few years, the job was fabulous. I drove a convertible and spent lots of time entertaining clients. Aged 29, I was paid mega-bucks to travel, work a bit, drink wine and eat good food (at least, that’s how it appeared!)

But appearances can be deceiving. I wasn’t happy.

To me, the work didn’t... well... matter. Who was I helping? The work was uncreative and unfulfilling. As cheesy as it sounds, I actually wanted to make a difference to people’s lives. This will come as a shock to you, "tax efficient offshore property ownership structures" (yawn) kinda don’t.

What I’d always wanted to do is teach. I was ready to share what I knew. While I had been training for many years throughout most of my roles, I wanted to do it full-time.

Long story short: I took a big risk and it paid off.

Time to Teach

I applied for a one-year maternity cover position at my local further education college, and I got it.

It was a huge risk because, after a year, I’d be out of a job. Plus, I'd be taking a significant pay cut.

(Google “house prices in Guernsey” to get an idea of the size of my mortgage... you'll then understand why the pay cut was so worrying.)

I was nervous. While I was already a confident trainer, I knew that teaching 16-year-olds would be, well, a bit different.

And it was. But, boy, it was good fun.

Going Part-Time

In August 2015 I was ready for a new challenge. I applied for a part-time staff development position within the college. Going part-time was, of course, another risk. And that's where I am today.

I work with other teachers supporting them using technology to enhance learning (I'm a Google Certified Trainer). I also teach teaching. My students are new teachers, or people thinking about getting into teaching/training.

This is what I do for half of my week. The other half is dedicated to my own business as a digital learning consultant.  

Over to You

That's me, what about you? Tell me in the comments: how did you get into teaching? Or, if you aren't teaching or training yet, what is it that makes you want to teach?

My Story: How I Got Into Teaching