Video Recording and Screencasting Chrome Extension: Loom

Video Recording and Screencasting Chrome Extension: Loom

I have a new favourite Chrome extension for recording speedy screencasts: Loom.

What is Loom?

Loom is a Chrome extension which enables you to record your screen and share a link to the video in just a few clicks (one click to record, one click to finish).

What Happens to the Video?

You don't need to download the video or think about where you are going to host it. Loom takes care of all of that.

Automatic Link Generation

As soon as you've finished your video, Loom automatically places a link to the video on your clipboard so you can paste it where you need to.


Did I mention it's 100% free?

What's the Maximum Video Length?

Out of the box you can record for up to ten minutes. However, if you refer friends and colleagues to Loom using your special referral link, you'll be rewarded with unlimited recording time. 

Use Cases

I've mostly been using Loom for short, unedited "how to" videos (for example, how to create a folder in Google Drive). Using Loom for this purpose is considerably faster than typing an email or offering support by phone or in person.

It is equally effective for longer screencast tutorials which you can reuse in the future. It might be a good idea to download the videos and share them via YouTube in this scenario.

The nice folks at Loom suggest the following, more general use cases:

  • Executives use it for company updates and building culture.
  • Designers for giving feedback and design walkthroughs.
  • Product Managers use it for new initiative pitches and team stand up.
  • Marketers use it for creating new feature assets and collecting testimonials.
  • Sales uses it for lead generation and email communication.
  • Teachers use it for lesson recaps and student presentations.
  • Engineers use it for bug documentation and code comments.
  • Customer Care uses it for FAQ videos and real time support.

There are some big names using Loom:


What's the Catch?

I honestly don't think there is one!

I suspect Loom will need to start charging for their service at some point, but this could work really well as a freemium model (as long as they don't remove features that I currently enjoy for free).

Their public roadmap indicates they have some exciting developments planned for the future, so it would seem to make sense for them to charge for some of these.

The Verdict?

Loom is probably the most useful Chrome extension I've ever come across. Try it today.

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