Free Photography Resources for Teachers and Trainers

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Teachers and trainers use images ALL the time. Think slides, handouts, social media...

While I do enjoy snapping sunsets and selfies (#sunsetandselfies #LOL) with my iPhone, the resulting image is generally not suitable for professional use.

When it comes to photography, sometimes you just have to seek out the experts.

Using other people's photography to illustrate your own content can get a bit confusing though. You need to be very clear on the usage rights the photographer is granting you.

Usage Rights

If you're planning to use free stock photography always check the licence. Familiarise yourself with Creative Commons licensing. Don't rely on anyone else's judgement (even mine!)

Five Great Sites

I'm delighted to share my five favourite free photography sites. They feature photos you can use personally and commercially without the need for attribution. In other words, you can use the photos to illustrate content which might make you money and you don't have to cite the source of the photo (eg "photograph by [photographer's name]" plus link).

What you cannot do is sell the photo to someone else and claim it as your own.

Here they are:


1. Unsplash

  • My favourite.
  • 10 new photos added every 10 days.
  • Searchable.
  • All photos have a very similar aesthetic so if you stick with Unsplash photos your content will have a cohesive look.

2. Pixabay

  • Photos, vectors, videos and art illustrations.
  • Searchable.
  • Huge range of really nice photos.
  • Sponsored images on site.

3. Gratisography

  • Photos by Ryan McGuire.
  • Distinctive style with lots of personality - gorgeous photos.
  • Photos often feature faces.
  • Searchable.

4. PicJumbo

  • Photoshop and Sketch plugin.
  • Premium option available.
  • Searchable.
  • Huge variety.
  • Particularly good for food photography.

5. Google Images

The video below shows you how to do a Google Image search checking appropriate usage rights.

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